Best Beyond Cleveland Park – Edgewater Beach


Edgewater Beach near Cleveland Ohio

Edgewater Beach near Cleveland Ohio


I discovered this natural looking beach and park just at the edge of Cleveland today; hence the name, Edgewater Park. A beautiful setting even on a crisp afternoon in March. Following my GPS and natural instincts, I discovered a small winding roadway along this Northcoast Cliff reminscent of Big Sur in California. Okay, very different from Big Sur, but it still was a hike down the wooded path which were aided by built in steps to keep one from falling in two-inch heels.

Simply beautiful views of the beach and outskirts of urban Cleveland. Even a distant lighthouse could be seen across the rippled Lake Erie coast. I wish I had brought my digital camera, but I did snap a few with my cell phone, which I hope turned out okay.

Edgewater Park is the ideal spot to stop during your lunch hour and catch a few minutes of Lake Erie breezes or warmer California dreams. I noticed a few cars with suited business men enjoying a book or the local paper and even one who was alas talking on his cell phone. Still others were there to take in the sunshine and walk their dog along the winding path although the sign clearly indicated that no pets were allowed on the beach.

Even further down than where I parked my car I noticed another pavillion located on the beach and a family with toddlers were enjoying the Spring-like weather. I expect this is one the best parks beyond Cleveland that many people enjoy throughout the summer for swimming, sunning, and relaxing. I’ll be sure to come again when the weather warms up and I can kick off my heels in the sand and wade in the warmer Lake Erie waters, collecting muscle shells and driftwood.

Cleveland Lakefront Park  is located at 8701 Lakeshore Blvd. between Cleveland and Lakewood Ohio, and extends along the Erie coast for a couple miles. More information about the best park & beach beyond Cleveland can be found at Ohio State Parks Website

Enjoy the neighborhood sights and attractions wherever you live and work because often they are overlooked.



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3 responses to “Best Beyond Cleveland Park – Edgewater Beach

  1. Doti Young

    Let’s try to have a beach day in the Cleveland area next summer, OK?!

  2. Doti Young

    Would you take your mother there the next time she comes to visit? Sounds like my kind of place to do a little California dreaming.

  3. Rachel

    Sounds like a great place for x navy people.

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