Twitter is Tweeted Out – Over Capacity!

I hope someone buys Twitter soon and puts it on a better platform or database, so we can Tweet our hearts out! I can’t even get in a tweet under 140 characters to post nor is my blog updating my current tweets.

Very frustrating! Now I see there is a Twitter Yellow pages too? www. and many other Twit sites. Wherever Twitter is, Cleveland and beyond businesses better be running and jumping on the bandwagon because this is the best thing next to mobile email!

And if you can’t find your name or brand on Twitter, you better watch out for the Twitter brokers. I know of one personally and he was just looking in the dictionary for affliate marketing phrases! Get on board, or you’ll be treading water for a long time!



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2 responses to “Twitter is Tweeted Out – Over Capacity!

  1. I do quite agree. There have been rumors about Google purchasing, but I think they’re just rumors. With Google’s ever-growing server and database capabilities, it would definitely fix the over capacity issues with

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