Best Barter & Trade Networks in Cleveland

Although barter and trade is not a new method of doing business, it seems that Cleveland is just trying to figure out which Barter network is the best one. Since moving to Cleveland about 9 months ago, I have heard of two barter and trade companies: BarterWorks and Itex. However, after talking to several people at a recent Barterworks event – who are either using one network or the other and sometimes both, it became clear that neither BarterWorks nor Itex have enough members to satisfy its members.

For example, I was looking for a dentist on Barterworks to repair a broken tooth and after making a phone call I discovered that the said dentist was no longer a member, but he was on Itex. This didn’t help me at all since I consider a broken tooth needing repaired almost like a small emergency. Itex not only charges a transaction fee (fair for the people who manage it), but also charges a monthly fee whether you use the service or not. Hmph!

I also talked to several business owners who are clearly listed being a Barterworks member and have been told personally that they are no longer a member and that the owner would not remove them from the member list. Furthermore, they contacted Barterworks and told them repeatedly to remove their name and services from the list, yet they still receive phone calls and requests for services.

Please comment on your experiences with a barter and trade network in the Cleveland area. What services do you use on barter? Do you offer any products or services on trade? Do you use direct trade? I think direct trade is the best way to do business in an unstable economy. And if you’re reading this and would like to do some direct trade, here is what I need:

  • Dental work – needs filled and capped most likely
  • Professional photos – mostly need them to be reproduced online
  • Health insurance
  • Carpets shampooed
  • Car detailed inside and out
  • Floor lamps (2)

I offer setting up and maintaining a business blog, writing articles for your industry or business, Web copywriting and so forth.


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