Leave a Penny in Memory of Our Fallen Soldiers


Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

As the daughter, grand daughter and great grand daughter of three wars as well as a veteran myself, I have a deep admiration and appreciation for all those who have served our nation before me, with me and those who continue the tradition.

So this Memorial Day I decided to pay homage to those who served, died and are buried in my town’s cemetery by placing a shiny penny on the grave markers. I took as many pennies as I could find and walked up the hills to the cemetery. Placing a penny face up upon each of 47 grave markers and headstones, I thanked each soul for their bravery and repeated “In God We Trust.”

Of the 47 pennies placed, only about four head stones did not have an American flag placed near it. One soldier was 118 years old and served in the Revolutionary war. I found another Revolutionary war veteran as well as many who served in World War I, Korean War, World War II and many who died in the 1970’s, but the conflict was not identified although I knew.

You can do this too. It’s a simple, yet thoughtful way to remember those who have served our country. And you don’t have to wait until Memorial Day to do it. There’s also Armed Forces Day and Veteran’s Day.  Place a penny Lincoln head up, say a little prayer and that is all.

God Bless America, land of the free!


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One response to “Leave a Penny in Memory of Our Fallen Soldiers

  1. Wendy Bailey

    Very cool! Love that idea. It’s not unlike the homage people of the Jewish faith pay in remembrance; they put small stones, shells, rocks on their loved ones graves when visiting.
    Happy Memorial Day!

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