Bottled Water with an Energy Boost?

Ávitāe – bottled water with a dose of natural caffeine adds kick and quenches your thrist!

Avitae - water with a caffeine kick

Avitae - water with a caffeine kick

If you attended PodCamp Ohio in Columbus on June 20, you would know about the new bottled water hitting stores in the Columbus area already. But alas, if you missed it, this caffeinated bottled water might be available in your area too. Ávitāe was conceived by three OSU grads who wanted to offer an energy drink that wasn’t full of sugar and artificial ingredients and as an alternative to coffee.

So, Ávitāe was created. I know you’re wondering so what does the ingredient label “really” say. Let me break it down for you….

Ingredients: water, natural caffeine. That’s it, honestly. How much caffeine? About 45 mg, which is similar to a bottle of diet cola. And the taste? Well, it’s water…maybe if you swish it around in your mouth a little longer you might get that tinkling feeling on your tongue, which is the caffeine. Since it’s water, there are no calories, no fat, no chlorestrol, no sodium and no carbs.

Unless you have a sensitivity to caffeine, anyone can drink it and not have it affect your diet restrictions or worry about weight gain!

Ávitāe – it’s water with a kick!

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Buy it on Amazon now!


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