Farms and Food of Ohio by Marilou Suszko – Better Than Store Bought

Promoting her new book, Marilou Suszko recently discussed and presented an hour and a half’s worth of slides, stories and Ohio farms she visited  at the Brecksville Library. Traveling 6,500 miles, from each corner and everything in between, Suszko said she did it all without a cell phone.

From Ashtabula County to the Indiana and Kentucky state lines, Suszko met some of the most important people in Ohio, farmers and growers. Since small farms, those which have 50 acres or less, contribute to much of our food grown in Ohio, she encouraged everyone to patronize places where local foods can be bought or served at your nearby restaurants. Not only does local food taste better, but it also cuts down on cost to deliver and is better healthwise for you.

Buy her book, Farms and Foods of Ohio on Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


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