Nature’s Bin and The Green House Tavern are Eco Friendly and Healthy

…from the Greener Living Cleveland files…new article posted today

…This non-profit bulk food store has a high employee retention rate, includes continuing education on the products they sell, and donates its profits to help train and find jobs for people in the community with physical and mental disabilities, what could be better? How about they cater to not only vegans and vegetarians, but also those with gluten and wheat allergies?

Shop Nature’s Bin to find bulk rice, pastas, grains, local produce, allergy free vitamins and bath products in addition to many other naturally-good-for-you food products. They also offer monthly discounts as well as catering. Visitors are sure to find the best-stocked bulk items and baked goods this side of Cleveland.

Just down the road from Lakewood is the first green certified restaurant in Cleveland, The Green House Tavern, which opened its doors tr. The Green House Tavern is located at 2038 E. 4th Street in the refurbished Cort Building. Owner and U.S. Green Building Building Council member, Jonathan Sin-Jin Satayathum, joined green forces with chef owner, Jonathon Sawyer and a few other partner owners, they not only had a vision of serving sustainable meals in an eco friendly restaurant, but they also wanted it to be a certified Green establishment.

Read the entire article on my Cleveland Examiner home page.


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One response to “Nature’s Bin and The Green House Tavern are Eco Friendly and Healthy

  1. Doti Young

    Let’s hope these businesses are the forerunners of more to come as “going green” becomes our way of life. Thank you for keeping us informed of the “green” in and around Cleveland.

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