5 Haunting Attractions Beyond Cleveland for Thrill Seekers

I am not a big thrill seeker, but after I returned to Ohio a year ago a college friend introduced me to the freaky, dark realm of haunted houses and attractions beyond Cleveland.

With an initial introduction our first year, I was intrigued to find more dark haunting attractions beyond Cleveland in our second year. This is my short list of haunting attractions beyond Cleveland with a brief review and scare factor for each (in no particular order).

1. Bloodview – Sponsored by the Legion of Terror in Broadview Heights. 3 Haunted Attractions, live and interactive attractions. Beware these spooks WILL touch you, stalk you and scare some of you.
Open the last weekend in Sept and runs through Nov. 1.
Located off of Broadview Rd, South of Royalton Road.
Scare Meter: Startling for those who scare easily.

2. Spooktacular Nights at Rockin’ R Ranch – Located near Columbia Station. Great fun and spooktacular haunts for the young and unscarable alike. Featuring 4 attractions for one price ($16) or 2 for $13 for adults. Also a special price for those 10 and under.  Loved the Haunted Hayride – a real tractor pulls a wooden wagon of scratchy straw and unsuspecting riders through the haunted forest. Ghastly creatures and monsters leap out at you throughout the 25 minute ride, follow the wagon, and then you end up in the dark barn where the floor suddenly disappears with you still on the wagon. Debark the haunted trail and barn ride just in time to tour the Night Creepers Haunted House “extremely detailed, high tech, Hollywood makeup and acting. A themed attraction that is not recommended for very young children or those with heart conditions,” according Cleveland.com.

Scare Meter: Mildly frightening for those faint of heart. Adults may need to check their pulse after this bumpy ride. Children under 10 may want to stick to the Fun House and gift shop only.

Open last weekend in Sept. to Nov. 1. Thursday to Sunday. See Website for times and group pricing.

Located at 19066 State Route 252/East River Rd.  near Columbia Station, OH 44028

3. The Carnival of Horrors is featured on the Travel Channel each year as one of the most terrifying Halloween attractions in the country. What was once a “secret location” years ago, is now popularized throughout the Cleveland area and beyond attracting over 500,000 people every season. The Carnival of Horrors is aptly located within the Cleveland Metroparks at the Blossom Music Center. Experience 3 attractions at one price – The Fun House, Freakshow in 3-D Terrorvision and the Wicked Woods.

Located at 1145 W. Steels Corners Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, 44223. Call 330-252-9070.
Cost: $18 a frightened low cost for all 3 attractions. Look for coupons from participating locations (see Website for more details)

Scare Meter: Thrill Seekers Beware!

Did I say 5 Haunted Attractions? Stay tuned for the other 2….if I survive! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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