Finding Your Place in the Heavens – Use Astrology as Your Guide

I subscribe to a couple different astrology sites to read my daily horoscope,  information about upcoming retrogrades and their effect on my sun sign (Sagittarius).  But what effect do the stars, planets and their positions really have on our daily lives?

Astrology is a science although some may think it doesn’t hold much weight. If you really want to delve into the heavens above to understand your life below on earth, look for an experienced astrologer or Astrotherapist.

I have had my sun sign chart analyzed and interpreted by AstroTherapist, Bill Tuma. For a reasonable fee, and just a few details about you including your birthday, city where you were born, and time of birth, he is able to deliver a personal interpretation of how the moon, sun, and planets have effected your life, personality and career.

It may sound like hocus pocus to some, but I invite you to contact Bill Tuma about your true calling in life. Tell Bill where you found him at the Best of Cleveland and Beyond blog – where you only find Cleveland events, places, and people.

Best of luck in discovering your place in the heavens and on earth!


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